Day Wear

Day Wear

This is my selection for today.



Feather earrings

What is your favorite accessories? I actually like chunky bracelets but I design a lot of earrings haha!

This is my look for today presenting my “feather earrings” by Beads and Laces.

Classy Women

When there’s so much to say but you choose to be silent. When you dissolve the pain and fear through forgiveness. When you let go of the things and circumstances that holds you back and let your faith lead to you towards your greatness. You walk out through that door with that red @chanelofficial lipstick and nailpolish with matching black dress, stilettos and @ralphlauren coat. You became one of the many women that I admire who serves as an ispiration for my designs. You are a woman with class. I like you that way. Keep it up my woman.The 2019 Collection for Beads and Laces Couture. Keep posted. Have a fabulous 2019!

Happy New Year!

Mango Raincoat, Skirt by Freeway, Shoes by Charles and Keith, Top and Bag from Beads and Laces

Hi guys! How was your New Year celebration? 2018 was a good year for me. I am grateful for the wonderful blessings and spiritual enligthenment. It was a year full of revelation and guidance. It gave me ample time to understand myself better and prepare as I move into the next chapter of my life.

There are people that I met in last quarter of the year whom I feel like God sent, for they will be there to join me in my journey.
My fashion business is set to rise by the 2nd quarter of this year. Though I’ll be attending to my pharma duties including my freelance licensing registrations of pharmaceutical companies and likewise learning to become a a financial advisor, my priority will remain to be my passion which is “fashion”, charity and the top one ofcourse, service to my catholic community.
Hmm. I think I revealed a piece of my life plan with you. Haha! 2018 was my planning and preparation stage. I hope to help a lot women specifically stay at home moms to get jobs through the Beads and Laces campaigns.

What about you guys? I am sure some would like to travel this year. I hope to meet you in Bali!

My ig: beadsandlacesempire/fashionandplants

Fb: http://www.facebook.com/fahionandplants

Have a wonderful, blessed and abundant new year!


Mariane P.